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Three Layer Lamination Machine

We produce three layer laminations and coated webs by using solvent base and water base adhesives.

 This includes FDA compliant laminates for hot filling, boilable and retorts applications. Barrier lamination films include metalized substrates or foil.

We also produce in-register pattern cold seal for confectionary applications.

3-layer lamination machine

Double Layer Lamination Machine(Doublex Lamination)

Two layer laminating with solvent free adhesive qualifying packaging consideration for dry foods such as biscuits, pasta, candy, snacks…

 duplex lamination


In the last few years, great advances (in preparation of plates and printing machinery) have been made to the quality of Flexo printing presses.

Among these, Chap Talaye Urmia has equipped with high tech one, with printing ability on different substrates such as PET, BOPP and AL-foil.




High quality inks, digital technology, well educated and skilled operators have enabled us to achieve best printing quality in 8 color.
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